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Paul N Brown

As founder and Director of Walnut's Limited I claim privileges of the Captain's Cabin.  If anyone has a clue what they might be then please drop me an email!

I joined BT (G.P.O.) as an apprentice back in 1964. Before transferring to a Martlesham computer environment in 1988, my work was predominantly Telephone Exchange and Transmission construction covering a wide range of communications technologies.

My 8 years as a BT VV&T software test team member were rewarding and happy.

I founded  Maldon Archaeological Group in 1977 and was the Group's chairman for twenty years. I do not find that archaeology in any way conflicts with my Christian beliefs. I'm known as 'Baldlygo' in some circles - which is only loosely linked to another of my interests!

As an employee of my own company, Walnuts Limited, I am keen to talk to you about your computing and/or archaeological contract requirements.
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