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Although only founded in 1996, Walnuts Limited draws on the experience of over 30 years in the Telecomms and IT industries.

Software Consultant - HIS Consulting

Responsibility for production and maintenance of Network Requirements and Security Compliance documentation providing essential continuity between Customers, Designers and Implementers. The work required a good overall understanding of systems at the forefront of Digital Network Management Technology in the UK. 


Software Consultant - High Integrity Systems (HIS Consulting)

Two years Y2K compliance testing and proving of the UK's largest PDH Network Platform.  Work that included the provision and maintenance of a comprehensive Test Reference Model enabling full end-to-end PDH and inter-platform testing with SDH and PSTN.  A wide range of technologies and hardware platforms were involved.


Test Analyst Contractor - Price Waterhouse Consulting - Barcelona, Spain

Main responsibility was to devise a test strategy and plans for the Integration and System testing of a national telephone Customer Care and Billing System.  A challenging and exciting role in one of the world’s biggest and most up to date "green field" telecommunications projects.  The system is designed to provide an integrated solution incorporating "best of breed" components.


Test Analyst Contractor at GPT, Poole

Test analysis, documentation, automation and execution of GPT’s telephone Billing System which processes local and inter-administration call records generated by the company’s System X exchanges.  Work also included Millennium Compliance testing.  It was a UNIX and PC working environment. 


Full time charity volunteer - MANPOWER plc (Funded by BT Release Package)

Organisation and computerisation of a sizeable archaeological archive ready for specialist analysis. The artifacts, site notebooks, plans, drawings and photographs were the result of a rescue archaeological project carried out between 1978 and 1985. 



1992-96 Manager and Professional - BT's OMC2 PROJECT

VV&T Engineering and management in a team responsible for Integration and System Testing of BT's Exchange and Network Switch management application - the OMC2. This large important development project provided a good range of opportunities for experience across the whole software life cycle. For three years the work included responsibility for the development and integration of the Product's Install and Upgrade procedures which carried the OMC2 successfully through at least six major build levels.

1988-91 Technical Officer (TO) - OMC2 PROJECT

These years of OMC system and integration testing provided experience of working with DEC VAX computers. This led to being responsible for the maintenance and development of the Install/Upgrade sub-system which was mostly written in DCL. 

1984-88 Technical Officer - Nation Networks Transmission Construction
I installed Chelmsford Packet Switching Exchange and supervised installation of the digital switch. Implemented WORKSAID transmission equipment database in the Regional HQ. Installed Multistream, VASCOM, Megastream, Kilostream, Hypergroup Codecs, NICAM digital and '1037' HF program equipment, TDM & SCVF telegraph equipment. Supervised as Clerk of Works the installation of a Radio Television Link, Higher Order Digital Multiplex Equipment, 140 Mbits Line Systems, Optical Fibre Terminal and Line Equipment, CELNET Base Station.

1970-82 TO & TOA - Exchange and Transmission Construction
Organised work for a construction group of 15 based at Maldon Telephone Exchange (Group Swiching Centre) and was responsible for a variety of Exchange equipment types. Directed staff and was Clerk of Works for a new Repeater Station, important Strowger exchange extensions (including BT's Transit Network and International implementation), new large TXE2 involving a change over from an extended and overloaded UAX13. My broad experience was particularly useful on circuit provision duties (mostly involved with Exchange Junction and Private circuits but also included the now 'not so secret' Nuclear Defense circuits and systems).

1967-70 Tech. IIa - Exchange & Transmission Construction
Planned and set up procedures for eliminating backlog of circuit provision work in Chelmsford Telephone Exchange in the wake of STD conversion. The work involved training and leading a small team for three years.

1964-67 G.P.O. Telecom. Engineering Apprenticeship

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